You know it’s there and you WILL find it again. Or perhaps you already have 🙂

Here are some comments from people just like you that we have helped through our outreach work, our get-togethers, our workshops and through this website:

“Being able to meet and talk with others, that was only possible because of the care and concern of a fellow sufferer…. thanks fnd matters ni for me being able to share this through all your hard work.”

“knowing for the 1st time I wasn’t making my condition up, and other people had it too. also finding out who to talk to .Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone.”

“ Being a mother of a teenager with FND I thought we were alone in this battle every day is a learning experience for us both sometimes it’s a scary place to be but we keep going knowing we aren’t alone”

We are in this together and we always do our best to provide you with information and support. Please do let us know if you have a way we could improve our service to you or if you’d like to provide a personal comment or testimonial. Whatever you’d like to say, we’d like to hear from you