There are many ways to get involved and raise the awareness of FND in Northern Ireland. Many people have little experience of FND so it is up to all of us to educate and inform others of this common condition.  When someone asks what is FND, be ready to educate that person, gather as much information as possible.

Email us for an information leaflet

We can all do our own awareness-raising just by talking about living with this, often chronic,  condition.

We run a drop-in in Belfast every second Tuesday in each month so why not call In for a chat,  you will meet other people with  FND and some also bring family members with them.

Drop-in Centre Details:

The Duncairn centre

Duncairn Avenue

Antrim road

Belfast BT14 6BP

Why not join our online peer support group, being part of a large community can be extremely beneficial, knowing what other people go through with FND, can help with acceptance and understanding.

At FND matters ni, we are always looking for volunteers to help us organise awareness events, campaign for better services or generally raise awareness in Northern Ireland. Just email us.

You could also get involved in your local NHS. There are many ways you can do this. There are five trusts in Northern Ireland, and each trust is involved in having the service users voice heard. This initiative is called Personal and Public involvement (PPI) it is patients and Carers having their say regarding care, treatment and services.

And professionals you can get involved too, by supporting your patient/ client and learning about their condition.

Why not become a member of the Functional Neurological Disorder Society. This site is for professionals working with Functional Neurological Disorders.

Maybe you want to raise awareness with your GP or other health professionals, then contact us at FNDMattersNI and have your name placed on our mailing list and we will send you the latest information leaflets.

The biggest thing that we all can do, is talk about this, very little known, condition.

One other way of getting involved is to donate or fundraise.